Maité Catering & Events is a catering company in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in Colombian cuisine, offering a wide variety of small, handmade bites using the freshest ingredients available. In all our dishes, you will find a combination of flavors from around the world, making each of our artisan products unique.

Event Menu & Services

At Maité Catering & Events we have the experience and creativity to meet new challenges and to execute your event to the highest standards. Great service is the key of great catering. Our job, after all, is to make people happy and help them experience something unique through our food and service. Our menu includes a diverse selection of small artisan foods. You can choose from our wide selection of appetizers or we can customize a menu just for you.
Some of our most unique items are our pork sliders, arepas, empanadas, and how can we leave behind our fabulous ceviche over a fried green plantain. Give us a call and we’ll help you put together an extraordinary event for your friends and family!


In the Colombian or Latin American culture, women have traditionally been in charge of cooking a delicious meal for their families. Always coming up with an excuse to get together and cook for our family and friends. We are entertainers by nature and we like making people happy. At Maité Catering & Events we live by the same motto, and our goal is to share this feeling with San Francisco!

About the Owner

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia and came to San Francisco in 2007, to enrich my life with new experiences. In the process, I discovered a new talent, blossoming within me, that I was unaware of – an unbelievable passion for cooking. While attending City College to refine my knowledge of the culinary arts, a seed was planted and the dream to tune my passion into a profession began. I have been perfecting my technique through the work and experience I have gained in the industry, which, together with my dedication to providing excellent customer service and my passion for cooking, have manifested into the dream I now call Maité Catering & Events.
I give the best of me through each event, whether I am catering a wedding or attending a street food festival. What keeps me going are the glowing comments from my clients about the food and service that we provide; seeing my clients happy, makes me want to work harder everyday.